Richard Sloggett opens UK Health Week with focus on prevention

Future Health’s Founder and Programme Director Richard Sloggett opened UK Health Week with a presentation on how to build more preventative healthcare systems.

Richard set out six opportunities for delivering this in England:

  • Objectives and purpose – Set out a clear plan for delivering the ambition of 5 healthy life years by 2035; ensure that it is not ‘crowded out’ by immediate pressures of tackling waiting times
  • Leadership – Ensure the new Office for Health Promotion is supported by a Ministerial level cross government Prevention Board led by number 10
  • Investment – Put new investment into prevention, both in the public health system through an uplift in the public health grant and targeted investment in areas of poorer health
  • Technology – Deliver a new data strategy that supports data inter-operability and improved population health management learning from the approaches during the pandemic
  • Integration and partnerships – Put in place metrics for new integrated care that support improving public health and prevention and not only hospital based outcome measures
  • Public and community engagement – Ensure that new public health and NHS reforms empower local leaders of health systems to undertake meaningful public and community engagement exercises that involve local system priorities

More information on Future Health’s prevention programme is available here:

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