Core Research Programmes

The Future Health Research Centre has a set of core research programmes exploring the relationship between health and the economy, technology and prevention. More on the research programmes is below:


  • COVID 19 has demonstrated the fundamental link between good health and a strong economy
  • This research programme is exploring the links more deeply, particularly in relation to the role of the healthcare sector in the future economy, the opportunities of the fourth industrial revolution, regional jobs, productivity and tackling health inequalities
  • The project is working closely with the WPI COVID 19 Recovery Commission:


  • Technological change in healthcare is advancing rapidly through the use and development of a range of innovations including data, genomics, personalised medicine, wearables and artificial intelligence
  • This programme is assessing how to unlock future advances in medical technologies within changing healthcare system structures, particularly how to integrate and embed such technologies so they more closely support the design of healthcare around the needs of the user
  • The programme will also explore how new digital and data architecture and tools can underpin the UK’s healthcare offer to global innovators, resulting in new partnerships and investments in the UK and the development of health technology as a strategic priority for UK Government collaboration and trade overseas
  • Future Health is working with the APPG Longevity on an Open life Data Partnership:


  • Prevention has long been an ambition for health care systems but translating this into changing delivery has proved challenging
  • This programme will explore the scale of the prevention opportunity, across primary, secondary and tertiary healthcare through global system comparisons
  • The programme seeks to build public policy frameworks that can support the transfer of care from treatment to upstream prevention interventions through new diagnostics and technologies
  • Future Health Founder and Programme Director, Richard Sloggett authored a report for Policy Exchange on how to build an improved public health system following the pandemic:
  • In March 2021 the Government announced the creation of an Office of Health Promotion within the Department of Health and Social Care. The creation of a new body in the Department was a key recommendation of Future Health’s public health blueprint: