Future Health discusses the importance of tackling variation in NHS services

Richard Sloggett joined Talk TV to discuss calls for increases in NHS funding and the rising political focus on tackling service variation.

Richard’s segment can be found at about 2hrs 13 mins here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvMI5lrd0Ls&t=4124s

Richard also discussed some of the findings of Future Health’s recent research report with Acumentice at two national conferences.

Richard talked about primary care pressures at the recent RCGP conference and the impacts of this into secondary care and the challenges facing Integrated Care Systems at the Independent Healthcare Providers Network conference.

More information on the research is available here: https://www.futurehealth-research.com/new-future-health-research-identifies-the-nhs-regions-under-most-pressure-this-winter/