Future Health makes Spring Statement call for more NHS care closer to home

Future Health publishes a new report on the day of the Spring Statement, calling for an expansion in care delivered at home or in the community. The report, supported by LloydsPharmacy looks at the expansion of clinical homecare services through the pandemic and sets out recommendations for locking in the progress made. These include doubling the amount of clinical homecare delivered in the next 5 years and unlocking the opportunities of more integrated care to move more care into the community.

With the NHS facing substantial pressures and funding tight, the report sets out how more care at home or in the community can help improve the operation and capacity of services, alleviating hospital pressures and tackling backlogs of care.

Richard Sloggett, Founder and Programme Director of Future Health said:

“During the pandemic we have learnt important lessons about what works well in our health system. Care closer to home is popular with patients, carers and family members and can help alleviate pressures on our hospitals. An expansion of clinical homecare over the next five years can improve access to services and support the recovery of the NHS surgery backlog.”

You can read the full report here: Clinical Homecare Report – Web