Future Health Director sets out policy framework for improving nation’s health post Covid

Future Health Founder and Programme Director Richard Sloggett presented at a Westminster conference today with senior parliamentarians and health care leaders on the importance of tackling health inequalities as part of the Government’s health and social care reforms.

Richard set out Future Health’s model for building a successful public health policy, reflecting work done alongside the All Party Parliamentary Group for Longevity; this model includes:

National ambition and leadership – particularly a commitment to become a much healthier and resilient nation, to increase healthy life expectancy by 5 years by 2035 and reduce health inequalities, as in the 2019 Conservative Manifesto

Focus – on some of the main health issues that lead to poorer health outcomes, particularly smoking and obesity

Funding – the creation of a Health Improvement Fund to sit alongside the public health grant to improve the health of communities with the worst health and who have suffered most from the pandemic

NHS action – through the implementation by the ICSs of the Core20+5 framework from NHS England and greater transparency around levels of NHS spending on prevention and earlier intervention

Innovation – unlocking the potential of science, technology and data to improve our health from new vaccinations to innovative GP consultations and better population health management data

You can read more of Richard’s thoughts here:https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5d349e15bf59a30001efeaeb/t/6081711f326bde0eea34a3f6/1619095840963/Levelling+Up+Health+Report+Digital+Final+2.pdf

And here: https://policyexchange.org.uk/publication/saving-a-lost-decade/