Delivering the Life Sciences Vision – an implementation plan

Future Health has today launched a new report with WPI Strategy on opportunities for Government and the NHS in implementing the Life Sciences Vision.

The life sciences sector is a major area of strength for the UK as demonstrated through the development of the Covid-19 vaccine and levels of investment and jobs in the industry right across the country.

The recent Vision published by Government last summer presents an opportunity to build on this success. To do so though will require learning from what has worked in the past and where further efforts are needed. Recent Government strategies have brought positive benefit, but not all commitments and opportunities have been realised.

The report includes a three part set of recommendations for success:

  • Refreshed implementation metrics to track progress
  • Greater co-ordination of national bodies involved in the implementation of the Vision
  • New accountability and reporting processes on the Vision

You can read the full report here: LSIG 2022 220215

Report author Richard Sloggett has written about the report on Politics Home: